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Things to do with your elite blonde London escort 

Other than show her off to your hotel staff and jealous waiter, London is an exciting city with planet of things to do.  AProv has a great London hotel guideif you are new to the city, plus our elite London escort recommended restaurant guide - all places where our dinner date girls just love to be taken to.


Need A Bite To Eat?

The Chelsea Corner
451 Fulham Road, Chelsea London SW10 9UZ | web site

This five star Italian restaurant brings people from all over town to enjoy their amazing dishes. Being moderately priced from anywhere between £5 to £26, you can really get your money’s worth for the high quality of food that they serve.  If you are entertaining one of our Chelsea escorts, this is a fab little place that not quite as famous as some of the other restaurants in the area, but any one of AProv's elite blonde london escorts will love it. It’s even an excuse for you and your sexy dinner date to dress up, as a fairly posh dress code is enforced upon entry. Serving dishes at both lunch and dinner, their menu was designed by Executive Chef Arsim Hoti who was greatly influenced by the cooking style of the famous Gordon Ramsey.But he doesn't swear as much....


The Grenadier Pub
18 Wilton Row, Belgravia SW1X 7NR | web site 

This pub offers you to take a unique glimpse into the history and culture of London, while also enjoying some of the finest beer in town. The name of the pub ‘The Grenadier’ comes from a type of soldier first seen in the early 17th century throughout England. The pub was even used as an active soldier barracks for many years, which helps add to its unique history. Along with it’s amazing beer, you and your blonde London escort dinner date can also enjoy some of the food prepared by Head Chef Richard with prices ranging anywhere between £6 and £30. This pub is a walking distance from a number of hotels in Belgravia and is only a few minutes away from Hyde Park Corner tube station. AProv is proud to rep many high class girls in the area, and any one of our Belgravia escorts would love to join you before moving on to things much more fun later on.