Brown's Hotel London

Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1
TEL: +44 20 7493 6020
Average Room Price : from about £700 to £2800

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Brown’s Hotel is a luxury hotel, based in Mayfair, London W1.

The hotel include a number of high end restaurants and accommodations around the facility and you and your elite London escort will be more than happy wandering around the premesis. The Brown’s Hotel includes an English Tea Room which serves drinks along with small food trays and meals. The main restaurant at the Brown’s Hotel is the Hix restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for all guests. The Hix is a more high end restaurant, and the prices vary from £5 for a nice cup of tea up to £100 for an entree - and for dessert you can be sure your AProv escort will be ordering YOU. The restaurant offers international food, giving guests a variety of options to choose from. The English Tea Room is also a popular restaurant for guests, as it gives them a light and less expensive meal. The English Tea Room offers breakfast, and tea to enjoy all day. The Tea Room offers a variety of tea flavors including, mint and feta to fruity blends.

The Brown's Hotel is also located in Mayfair London, so the guests are able to walk and visit local restaurants, and close-by market places.

The Brown’s Hotel offers a wide selection of rooms, including suites and executive rooms. The classic rooms offered by the hotel, include a queen sized bed, complimentary Wi-Fi, smart TV, and a spacious luxury bathroom. The hotel also offers Deluxe rooms, which include an in room bar, 2 king sized beds, and a beautiful view onto the historic nearby street. Frankly - this is the room to enjoy your AProv elite London escortin.

One of the main attractions to the Brown’s Hotel is the historic value of the building, since it was one of the first Hotels in Mayfair, London. Along with it’s historic value, it is also one of the most luxurious hotels in London, making it a popular destination for tourists. Along with the hotels luxury rooms, The Brown’s Hotel also offers a Spa treatment for its guests. This ranges from full body massages, to signature rituals.