Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane

Hamilton Pl, Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1
TEL: +44 20 7499 0888

Average Room Price : from about £400 to £2800, plus other suites available

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The Four Seasons Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Park Lane, London W1.

This hotel offers guests a variety of lounges, bars, and fine dining restaurants, enough entertainment to keep you and your AProv elite London escort more than happy (for the entire weekend!). The most prominent restaurant for the hotel is the Amaranto Restaurant, which offers the guests fine dining Italian food and a lot of the AProv girls LOVE Italian. The restaurant uses seasonal ingredients to guarantee guests a high class experience. The restaurant serves a variety of Italian food with entree's at about £50 to £60. While the restaurant mainly offers modern Italian cuisine, it can also provide guests with a variety of international flavors. The hotel also houses the Amaranto Bar, where guests can enjoy snacks, small dining, and an exotic array of fine cocktails.

Along with fine dining restaurants and on-site bars, the hotel offers guests unique dining experiences with Afternoon Tea and Weekend Brunch. The Afternoon Tea offers guests a variety of seasonal teas, and small dining meals. The restaurant provides a selection of pastries, sandwiches, and cakes for guests to enjoy while drinking some of the house-selected tea.

The hotel is based in Mayfair, which give guests the opportunity to explore local restaurants and bars. The rooms offered by The Four Seasons Hotel can vary from luxury rooms to deluxe suites. The luxury rooms offered by the hotel include PlayStations, complimentary Wi-Fi, refrigerated private bars, and an in-room safe. Mayfair Suite, Presidential Suite, and the Garden Suite are only a few of the deluxe suites offered by the hotel. Each suite provides guests with limousine service, salon service, private bar, in-room humidifier, private lounge and really offers a high class experience (for you and your high class London escort).

The hotel also offers a luxury Spa experience at the Spa Sky Suite, where guests can choose from full body massages or signature rituals. Suffice to say, the AProv escorts offer MUCH BETTER massages than the Four Seasons masseuses can, of that we are sure.....

Due to the hotel's location in Mayfair - the very well to do part of town - you will gain a unique experience into the heart and wealth of London. Guests will be able to view the beautiful scenery, and watch local street performances at near by parks - both Green Park and Hyde Park are within view.