The Dorchester

Address: 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1
Phone: +44 20 7629 8888

Average Room Price : from about £550  to £5400

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The Dorchester is a deluxe hotel, based in Mayfair, London W1.

The Dorchester offers it’s guests a variety of rooms and restaurants to enjoy while they are staying at the hotel and if you are looking for a longer booking with one of our elite London escorts, you will find The Dorchester's facilities will keep you more than happy.

Some of the on-site restaurants are The Grill  and the award winning China Tang. AProv lists on each escort profile page the girls' fave restaurants and Chinese food lovers will adore the China Tang. The Dorchester Afternoon Tea is the most popular restaurant among the guests, as it serves some of the finest afternoon tea in London. At this restaurant, guests are offered many different types of tea, based on the time of day and season. During Christmas, guests are offered Christmas Carols Afternoon tea, which offers guests a selection of champaign, housemade sandwiches, scones, French pastries, and a variety of rare teas. The hotel also offers The Grill to guests, which offers them a selection of fine dining foods. The menus are created seasonally, to ensure that only the best flavors are given to the guests. Prices can range from  £5 for a quick cuppa and up to  £130 among the breakfast and dinner options.

Along with the high class food and restaurants, the hotel also offers unique and exquisite rooms. The rooms can vary from luxury penthouses, to deluxe queen and king rooms. Rest assured, all of the beds are extremely nice (or so we have heard) and your AProv escort will look so lovely when she wakes up in the morning. The most expensive suite is the Harlequin Penthouse, which comes with two king-sized beds, complimentary transfer from the airport, personal butler service, evening meals made by the house chef, and a full complimentary private bar.

The hotel overlooks Hyde Park, which is full of beautiful scenery and street performances. The hotel is also in the center of Mayfair, which gives the guests unique access into London's wealth and glamour. Mayfair is a lovely place to explore and stroll around with your VIP escort, with plenty of little streets and alleyways to wander down. The hotel is a popular place for weddings, and offers full service for many events. The Dorchester Hotel also offers a Spa treatment for it’s guests, which even includes a fitness studio where guests can workout or do some yoga.