The Savoy

Strand, London WC2R 0EU, UK
TEL : +44 20 7836 4343

Average Room Price : from about £700 to £2800

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The Savoy Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Strand, London WC2.

This hotel gives it’s guests a 5-star experience with deluxe rooms, spa treatments, and on premisis high class restaurants. The Savoy Hotel offers guests a variety of fine dining restaurants, giving guests a selection of fine foods from all over the world to choose from.

Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, Knight’s Bar, American’s Bar, Beaufort Bar, and the famous Savoy Grill are only a few of the restaurants offered by the hotel, and we know that your elite London escort from AProv will love each and every one of them. The Savoy Grill is a fine dining restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay, giving guests a choice of great food, and possibly lots of swearing emanating from the kitchen. Meals can be expensive, costing up to £300, so watch out if your London escort discretely orders a bottle of Dom Pérignon when you run to the loo. The most popular meal for this restaurant is the English Roast, as it is seen as one of the best in London.

Along with the Savoy Grill, another popular restaurant is the Thames Foyer. The Thames Foyer is a restaurant that serves high end and rare alcohol, while also serving top notch food. The Thames Foyer has award winning bartenders who can even create a unique and signature drink, personalized for the guests.

Along with these restaurants, guests will also enjoy the luxurious rooms provided by the hotel. The rooms offered by the hotel range from high end suites, to deluxe rooms and while of course THE BED is the most important item, your London elite escort will love any room you are in, as the Savoy is such a wonderful establishment. The hotel also offers special offers and packages, where guests can get a unique experience for a discount.

Due to the hotel's central location in the Strand, guests get a unique experience into the heart of London. You can take a wonderful romantic stroll with your escort to the Thames, just a few minutes walk south of the hotel, or ten minutes north is Covent Garden and the theatre district.