Soho Escort Dinner Date Venues: Bocca Di Lupo W1

Soho Escorts Dinner Dates - Bocca Di Lupo W1

12 Archer St, Soho, London W1D 7BB
Phone: 020 7734 2223


Food Specialty : Italian

Open Table: 4.6/5
Trip Advisor: 4/5

Book online via their web site or Open Table.


Enjoying your meal at Bocca Di Lupo is like finding the perfect watertight rain jacket which helps you shave 10 minutes off of your daily commute. This place is a seamlessly excellent option for your elite london escort booking and is considered the best Italian restaurant in Soho, and perfect if your  hotel is in that area or perhaps close to Oxford Street in Central London. Soho itself is a wonderful hustling and bustling part of London and finding a quiet place to eat with a hot, sexy girl can be a real treat.

Located in Soho, Bocca Di Lupo is almost an anti-Soho establishment in terms of there’s no celebrity chef inspired menu nor is there an enforced dress code or snobbish maitre’d - what there is of course, in plenty, is excellent food, fine wine/drink, and a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and wonder how on earth you are going to take your eyes off your London escort's face and admire her gorgeous body.

What is seamless about this is that it is a nice restaurant run by hospitable and kind people who make exceptionally good food. Very warm and welcoming staff and certainly no snobbishness that you might find in higher end restaurants in London. Opening in 2008, Bocca Di Lupo is still going strong providing folks with the kind of private atmosphere where you can enjoy a good meal and not feel pressured to be seen. It is a hidden gem in the city and offers absolutely classic dining and ambience.

Both you and your fashion model escortcan enjoy all the experiences here from the food to the staff to the vibe to the location. You will go from a truffle salad to wild boar ragu or pork and foie gras sausage in equal time and all will be delicious in equal measure. The staff will definitely put you at ease and even though the dining room appears formal - it is very, very relaxed. Might be good to sit somewhere near the window so you can show off your expensive London escorts to the passers by.

Few restaurants in London hit the mark for almost any type of dining situation - yet Bocca di Lupo does. It’s ideal for a quick snack at the bar, a 2-hour business sitdown, birthday celebration, or date with your stunning new girlfriend. With its delicious food and comfortable atmosphere, there is no place more enjoyable than Bocca di Lupo.