Mayfair Escort Dinner Date Restaurants: The Sabor

Mayfair Escort Dinner Date Restaurants: The Sabor

35-37 Heddon St, Mayfair, London W1B 4BR
Phone: +44 20 3319 8130


Food Specialty : Spanish

Yelp Rating: 4.3/5
Google Rating: 4.6/5
Trip Advisor: 4.5/5

Book online via their web site or Open Table.


Heddon Street is a well-travelled crevice off of Regent Street, Central London. If you’re looking for a locale in Mayfair which can take you gastronomically on a journey from Andalucian tapas bars through the Castillan asadors and Galician seafood restaurants, look no further than The Counter at Sabor.

Your evening with yoour elite London escort dinner date from AProv can start with the three distinct areas in this tourist central location. There is a Counter and bar on the ground floor with the El Asador on the first floor. Each area offers a unique  taste and experience of Spanish hospitality and cuisine. Sabor sits directly between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus, nestled in the Mayfair escorts hotbed.. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of central London by sipping on the Yzaguirre Blanco and nibbling heavenly prawn croquetas.

Sabors is well loved by the London foodie scene and you and your elite london escort date will also love it. It is classic Spanish fare with an interesting backstory of how this restaurant was founded and formed. Sabor is the next step of delightful Spanish fare.

The camarones fritos topped with the perfectly runny fried egg is available only at the bar. Your high class escorts in London date and you can enjoy this delicacy as you take in the sights and sounds of central London. Book early as there is often a 90-minute wait for a seat at the bar.

Wandering upstairs to the Asador area, you will find suckling pig served whole, halved or quartered. The brisk bacony smell beckons you in. Asador has the communal dining experience you crave.

Once seated at the dining counter proper, the delicate aroma of pan con tomate with cecina wafts through the air. You can enjoy two shiny, plump gambas in garlic sauce or a plate of freshly blanched sprouting purple broccoli, complete with a sumptuous beurre blanc. For dessert, you and your sexy escort girls need to leave room for the bombas de chocolas. This saucy trio of praline and hazelnut-flecked donuts has enough sugar to set your teeth on edge permanently. If tart if more your tempting, the mascarpone tartaleta is exactly what you and your overnight dinner date from AProv desire.