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Stay (reasonably) up to date with the London escort news from a bygone era.

August 20: Veronica, Veronica, Veronica. We love you.

August 19 : Shimmering with elegance - open minded Mia has some new fab pictures to show you.

August 18 : Incredible, sumptuous 34C curves, 6' tall of gorgeousness - meet new arrival Adriana

August 11 : Olivia, Leena and Mia are all back with AProv today. And we are pleased to see them.

August 4 : Published model Zoe returns to AProv.

August 4: Lovely Latin girl, open minded and totally captivating- Gabriella

August 3 : The super slinky Monique is back along with the megahot Stella, who has had some rather fab new pictures taken.

July 29: Malena is back at AProv after quite a long break.

July 27 : Gorgeous and VERY leggy Mona is in London for just a very short time.

July 24: New pictures today from open minded published model Gisele

July 22 : Ester has returned. Different hair, but the same award winning 20 year old body and irresistible 34C curves.

July 22 : Slim and trim Belen also returns

July 20 : After a short break, published model Luisa returns to AProv

July 5: Is this the girl of the summer? Chelsea is EXCLUSIVE to Aprov.

June 29 : Thrills and spills with 34E published model Nika.

June 23 : Can summer get any hotter? Well, yes it can. Rita has arrived.

June 22 : The lovely Adel is now based in Dubai

June 11 : 32C, Knightsbridge based Stephanie joins AProv today. 

June 10 : The sensational Inga is back at AProv - a very, VERY popular girl at university.

June 9 : If 007 is looking for a new femme fatale, he may have found her in the jaw dropping Alisa - in London for just a few weeks.

June 7 : Enjoy the delicate beauty of new arrival Mila.

May 26 : Lovely, natural beauty and exclusive to AProv - leggy and delicious Adriana.

May 23 : Flirty, fun, and supremely kissable - Sorina joins us today.

May 11: Former blonde elite is now a brunette! Check out Sia's new smouldering look. Also busty English girl Bella  has taken some selfies whilst under lockdown.

May 6: Leggy, luscious and Latin. Say hi to Marianna.

April 27 : Sleek British model Alanna is our new girl today.

April 18 : We've just added our review of The Sabor restaurant in Mayfair.

April 9: New English escort Jolie joins us today..

March 26: We have just updated our site to show girls that are still working in London.

March 16 : Enjoy the slender physique of luxury fashion model Solomia

March 14: Mayfair based Hanna joins AProv today

March 11: Exclusive to AProv- Tatiana.Also, in a very hectic day here at AProv HQ, Nadin is back.

March 11: Summer will feel like it's here once you fall in love with the lovely, so, so pretty Diana

March 10 : Take a look at the stunning new hottie  Sabina.

March 7: Agency fave Alegra is back, along with those lingering legs of hers.

March 5: The world once was dark. And then Mia showed up, and there was considerable light.

March 3 : Katty  returns to AProv after a short break

February 27 : Slinky megababe Maria is back after a short break.

February 26 : New pictures from the busty South Kensington based Inessa.And busty Polina joins us today.

February 24 : Aloya  (formerly Lera) returns to AProv after a short break. 

February 22 : You know those dreamy girls that you look at and before you know it several hours have passed? Prepare to be utterly transfixed with the beauty of Evalina

February 17: The perfectly formed, eternally elegant Bianca returns to AProv.

February 11: Also returning to AProv is the slim beauty (and published model)  Victoria

February 10: The ever delectable Sofia  is back at Aprov, looking hotter than ever.

February 9 : New, rather breastacular pictures, from agency fave Alena.

February 4: The eternally chic Kendall wants to flaunt her new pics.

February 2: Smooth new pictures from cat like Inna

February 1 : Mmmm. Enjoy the beauty of South Kensington based Inessa

January 31 : The silky perfection that is Olivia  is back at Aprov after a short break. 

January 25 : The Mona Lisa and the Eiffel tower? Meah. But Helen?? Oh my!!! A very, very good reason to go to Paris.

January 25 : Slender, lithe and super hot - Georgina is back at AProv. (oh yeah - she's open minded too!)

January 13 : The fantastic LIA  joins us today. You will love this girl - very fun and giggly.  Also, Yana  returns.

January 8 : Off to Paris for the weekend? Why not have Lina meet you at the airport?

January 6 : Returning peachy mcPeach Jasmin  is back at AProv.

January 5 : Open minded,statuesque and a published model - new hottie Lucy is here.

December 23 : Santa arrives early with a new, gorgeous gift for you all - Janet

December 11 : The lovely, so, so pretty Luna returns to AProv.

November 26 :  I spilt my coffee when I first saw the pictures for new sensation Nadin.  

November 24 : Luxury girl Savina is back after a short break, 

November 20: Busty Ivanka  has never looked so striking than she does in her delicious new photoshoot.

November 13 : Sleek and tall Kelly returns to the AProv fold. 

October 31 : The most kissable, succulent, pouty girl in the Western hemisphere. Gorge your senses on Ekaterina

Also - new petite sensation Tiffany joins the ranks

New pictures for the super slim Karina.

Last update of the day - Michelle has just returned from her new photoshoot.

October 21 : Back from a few months in Dubai, it's the one and only curvaceous Noel.

October 18 :  Just 22 years old, and perfexcellent 32C curves. Plus, new pictures for returning Kira.

October 16 : And in further news - the dreamy beauty that is Grace also has some new pictures. Achingly gorgeous.

October 12 : The svelte 20 year old Maria  (EXCLUSIVE to AProv) has some new pictures to show you.

October 9  : Well, well ,well. Fancy hanging out with a real Playboy girl? I bet you do. Check out Sadaf- now in London.

September 26 : The photographer couldn't believe his eyes when three of our lovely girls walked in. New pictures today for open minded Bond girl Ruby. 32C action girl Nadia and also insanely hot teenager Sofia .

September 24  : Busty Lera  joins us today, and you can see her at her South Kensington incall.

September 17 : As sleek as can be, it's svelt asian model Mayumi.

Slimmest waist ever and tall beauty Elsa is EXCLUSIVE  to AProv.

We love Sasha and want to be head of the Sasha Fan Club. 34C, well educated and your perfect dinner date.

The chic and sleek Celine returns to Aprov, and has some new pictures to show you.

September 4 : Lithe, tall, slim and as pretty as can be. Anastasia is back in London for just a short time. Knightsbridge based Ava has also returned today.

Also today, busty beauty Inessa has some new photos to show off.

August 15 : Lovely new pictures for the dreamy Aviana

July 30: Yara  and her incredible curves join AProv today.

July 15: You want to know who I think is the most beautiful AProv girl? I reckon it's the super hot French model Jade.

July 3 : One of the most prettiest girls we have seen for some time - the delicate, the petite, the RAVISHING Karina.

May 28 : Ravishing Kendall, looking sleeker than ever, in her new photoshoot.

April 25: Lovely new pictures from Adrianna, our slinky agent in Dubai

April 24:  Busty Aysha has treated herself to a new photoshoot.

April 22 : Open minded megababe Anais joins us today. 32C curves and simply beautiful.

April 12 : Open minded 18 year old Ester does her bit for global warming today with her sizzling new pictures. (it's getting hot in here...). Also - new pictures from slim and lithe Belen.

March 17 : Thrilling new international girl based in NY - the blonde goodness that is Scarlet.

March 9 : Delicious new pictures from open minded Emma and college girl Catherine.

Feb 6 : Does succulent college girl Sonya make the grade? We think so....

Jan 13 : Brace yourself. Try to stay calm. Do not adjust your viewing screen. Sadaf has arrived.


December 2018

Dec 12 : Every time a new, stunning girl walks in we gush on this web site, saying things like 'this is the best girl we have ever seen', and 'oh my God we want to marry her and father her children'. But this time....oh boy...check out published model and SUPER HOT Masha. You'll see what I mean.