AProv Newsfeed Archive

Stay (reasonably) up to date with the London escort news from a bygone era.

April 14: OMG! OMG!!! Georgia

April 13: Brooding, sultry and Miss Mysterious. New arrival and published model Maya deserves your eyeballs.

April 12 : Open minded 18 year old Ester does her bit for global warming today with her sizzling new pictures. (it's getting hot in here...). Also - new pictures from slim and lithe Belen.

April 8 : Fashion model and hot college girl Molly wants to show you her fab new photos.

April 3: Delicious Double-Ds from new girl Silvy

April 2 :  Would you travel across the world's oceans to soak in the beauty of new girl Lia? I would.

April 1 :  I am running out of adjectives to describe the beauty of swimsuit model Elsa.

April 1:  Succulent 34C curves are just two of the finer points that make Mia so irresistable.

March 27 :Slim, tall and 34C curves. Say hello to the lovely Alla.

March 17 : Thrilling new international girl based in NY - the blonde goodness that is Scarlet.

March 16 : Crystal  has been on holiday to some exotic island and wants to show you some of her new piccies.

March 15: Perhaps you've never had a reason to visit Dubai. You have one now - Noel.

March 15: Eye popping new pictures from the popper of eyes - Angie. Remember to put on your 3D glasses...

March 13 : Open minded English model Carly has brought her 32DDs to AProv, and we feel so much better for it.

March 13: Tall, succulent and her friends call her Leggy McLeglegs. It's the fabulous Chloe.

March 9 : Tall, willowy Diana is our new girl today.

March 9 : Delicious new pictures from open minded Emma and college girl Catherine.

March 5:  Brace yourselves. Secure your credit card. Julia is in town.

March 4 : Back after a short break - Vita.

March 3 : Like a girl with an incredibly toned bum? I mean - super, super tight, toned and petite? Make Bond girl Solange  your next port of call.

March 1 :  From the heavens the clouds parted, and Annyshka gently floated down. Nourish your credit cards. Mortgage your house. This is the big one.

Feb 24:  Young nineteen year old Zoe has treated herself to a new photoshoot. 

Feb 20 : Let your eyes devour the beauty of published model Sofia. - updated pictures Feb 20

Feb 20 : Tall - actually VERY TALL- and willowy Kristina, former winner of The Waist Of The Year award (2018)

Feb 11 : A trip to Dubai certainly looks a lot more appealing now that Ashley is based there.

Feb 6 : Does succulent college girl Sonya make the grade? We think so....

Jan 13 : Brace yourself. Try to stay calm. Do not adjust your viewing screen. Sadaf has arrived.

Jan 12 : New pictures from a town called Alice.

Jan 4 : Ex pro athlete Camila has some new pictures to show off her incredibly toned body.


December 2018

Dec 21: Gentlemen! Start your engines. Liza has arrived. And....she's brought along her 32Ds!

Dec 20 : Get into the Kristmas spirit by getting into Kris.

Dec 20 :  They say New York is rather cold this time of year. Not any more. Nika.

Dec 18 : Crystal is the most popular girl at her college and is always offered extra help from her professors with her home work.

Dec 17 : The gorgeous, lovely, busty Dana joins us today along with exotic Asian (but not Asian) Mika.

Dec 13 : 34D and open minded. Sounds good, right? Check out the wonders of Alexa.

Dec 12 : Every time a new, stunning girl walks in we gush on this web site, saying things like 'this is the best girl we have ever seen', and 'oh my God we want to marry her and father her children'. But this time....oh boy...check out published model and SUPER HOT Masha. You'll see what I mean.

Dec 11 : Feast your eyes on the insane trouser tightening curves of new model  Adriana. Outcalls only in Central London.

Dec 6 : If hot, tight petites are your thing, you are going to love the wonderful Julia

Dec 4 : Treat your eyeballs to the breathtaking beauty of Alina

Dec 1 : 21 year old published model Angelina joins AProv today.


November 2018

Nov 14 : Are sleek, gym girls your thing? Fancy working out with Nastya? Thought you might....

Nov 12 : Busty 34D Kristina joins AProv today. Eyes up, please gentlemen! 

Nov 9 : A sad loss for France, but very much London's gain - the exquisite Harper

Nov 8 :
 More excitement at AProv HQ today when in floated the unbelievable Katty. Off to Dubai for the weekend? Adrianna is ready to play.

Nov 8 : Incredible girls keep arriving at AProv. Next up is the immaculate beauty of Estelle